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A good E-Commerce website design establishes your brand's online presence and creates a lasting impression. We design for success. Sell products and services online using easy-to-manage tools so work is manageable on a daily basis.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression — and first impressions these days are made by websites. When people search for the services they need, they pull up your website and judge your company by the way it looks. You need professional graphic design done by an online web design company with years of experience to make the favorable first impression that will draw in customers.

We offer this affordable e-commerce website design package to help your company launch or relaunch its website and sell their products and services online. Show off your corporate identity with a site that’s both inviting and helpful to viewers. We refuse to follow fads or fast-fading trends in e-commerce web design.

Instead, our designs are based on you: Your product, your special features and your promise to your customers. We work alongside you to convey exactly what your company is all about. When we have succeeded, you will succeed, too.

Our e-commerce sites allow customers to better and more efficiently buy, manage their orders, and track their shipments. Customers love an easy-to-use platform and a great shopping experience. In e-commerce and sales design is not enough. Functionality is more important. Having a great design with an ineffective marketing and e-commerce platform is equivalent to a waste of money because nothing will convert to sales.

XDC Marketing & Branding knows e-commerce and all our website builds meet or exceed both client and our client's customer expectations so you can run your e-commerce business with peace of mind.

We believe good e-commerce design includes:

A good mobile site, since so many people use their phones exclusively for the internet.

Easy-to-read text.

A mobile app.

A professional and easy-to-manage user interface complete with user accounts and passwords.

The ability to manage, track order shipments, and pay with a variety of payment options.

Graphics that help make a point and aren’t just there to look pretty.

Consistent layout between pages.

Our mobile-optimized, original Web Design Package includes:

5-page design

3-image slide

This exclusive offer includes:

  • Senior Designers guaranteed (+ 5 years of experience).
  • 1 account manager assigned, plus five Senior Graphic designers.
  • Response to initial request (design brief completion) is immediate vs 48 hours going direct.
  • Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Fully Custom Built from Scratch options available.
  • Revisions are done within a day vs 24 to 48 hours.
  • High quality designs are guaranteed.