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  • App Development
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App Development

Pricing Varies Based on Project Scope. Contact Us for More Information.

Service Details

Get Your Own App For Your Business And Reach More Customers Using Phone Apps, Desktop Apps, And More.
  • 3 App Design Options

  • 3 Revisions

  • Easy-to-read text.

  • Landing Page Design for Marketing and Advertising.

  • Graphics that help make a point and aren‘t just there to look pretty.

  • App Marketing Materials

  • Advanced Training & On-Boarding

  • All Content Filled Out for Your App

  • User Interactivity

  • User Accounts with Secure Logins (passwords, two-step verification, verification apps, + much more)

  • Data Storage and Backups with Redundancy & Fault Tolerance

  • Cloud Services Integration (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services)

  • Agile Development Methodology

  • Access to Premium Content Creation + Extensive Developer Support

  • Assisted Developer Account Setup

  • App Structure

  • User Journey

  • App Icons

  • Splash Screens

  • On-boarding Included 100% FREE!

  • Training Session Included 100% FREE!

Team Includes:
  • Developers

  • Project Managers

  • Content Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build an app?

Depends on the project complexity. A tougher project to build will take longer. Generally from 1 - 3 months but each project is different. Contact us for quotes and a more accurate project timeframe.

Are your apps HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We use tools like Google Firebase, MongoDB and more that are HIPAA compliant.

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